A Call for Foundation Seed

13 December 2009

Also, an invite to charter a Portland plant breeding programme, trade some seed w/ fellow farmers, talk shop and your name in lights as one of the champions who jumped in on the ground level with what could be an Important sort of project to better our chances with some bitchin’ germplasm.

And, dinner w/ a good chance of booze of some sort.

First, look around at the New Se Portland Seedbank Project website: http://sePDXseedbank.wordpress.com/    You’re soaking in it right now.

I just got the site and the idea to a stopping point w/ a fleshed out plan that just might work — the carrot approach, you might say, to gaining compliance w/ less “invested” homeowners and the seed-saving part: the “perpetual seed kit.”

Check out this mission, and reply to tell me what you think of the idea.


Come to very small fire over here at my recently tidied up house in Brooklyn (3102 SE 7th Ave) this coming Thursday night, 17 December.  A few of us were just going to put some of our excess seed (or seed that we want to cast about for increase or lines we want to subject to some vaugery in hopes of forcing some human neglect selection ) in towards the project.

I’d like to target certain varieties to certain neighbourhood soil types and dominant ecology with your assistance but, whatever.  The theory is that anyone who puts seed in for increase will get a big pile of seed back of that variety from the people who’ve grown it out and returned it to whomever.

Please pass this on widely to fellow Portland farmers, lists, whatnot, and invite any who are farmin’ it up and would like to represent for their neighbourhoods.  Let me know if you want to contribute anything to the seed saving website (your “guide to practical, small-scale isolation of OP carrot varieties in an urban environment for distributed-method foundation seed increase,” for instance).

To sum up: come on by my house (7th and Powell) around 6ish on Thursday night to talk some seed.  Bring what you want to put into the pot to help make and design 2010 Seed Kits for homeowner increase and what the hands-on breeding should focus on.  I, for one, have seed I’d like to give away that includes what should be some really excellent pepper and cucumber crosses.  Given just how prolific they are, I think it’s safe to say that there’ll be tobacco seed for everyone.

-Marie, Sellwood Garden Club


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