Here, you’ll find the  basics of Horticulture as well as specific information as it pertains to seed saving and practical concerns of the urban seed saver.

Second shoots on Napa cabbage by Sellwood Garden Club - Late 2009

Second shoots on Napa cabbage by Sellwood Garden Club - Late 2009

Articles Available Online

All as submitted by your SE Portland Urban Farmers

Growth and Development for Seed Production

  • Insect and Wind Pollinated Crops by Marie of Sellwood Garden Club
  • Practicing Proper Isolation  -coming soon
  • Tips on Choosing the Best Plants to Grow on for Seed -coming soon
  • When is the Seed Dry Enough?  -coming soon
  • Providing and Balanced Nutrition for Seed Development  -coming soon
  • Winter Protection for Biennial Crops  -coming soon
  • Perennializing Biennial Crops  -coming soon
  • Natural Reseeding Through Strategic Volunteerism  -coming soon

Plant Breeding

  • Growing Out the F2 Generation  -coming soon
  • Ruthlessness in Culling  -coming soon
  • Traits of Most Interest to the Sustainable, Organic Market Grower in the Teens  -coming soon
  • Traits to Emphasize for SE Portland Soils in the Breeding of Horticultural Crops  -coming soon

Seed Cleaning

  • Safely De-Seeding Peppers  -coming soon
  • Cleaning Tomato Seeds the Easy Way  -coming soon
  • Drying Techniques by Botanical Family -coming soon
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