Autumn brassicas in Lents

Autumn brassicas in Lents

You’ll want to know who’s growing in your neighbourhood.

Your neighrbourhood Urban Farmer knows your soil better than just about anyone.  Having worked in it in all kinds of weather, this neo-agrarian has given it careful consideration from an ecological and agronomic standpoint.  And, no one has bothered to consider the land in SE Portland this way for quite a long time.

There are more people farming and practicing the Agricultural Arts in Portland than you may have suspected.

Some of the SE Urban Farmers use a dedicated plot of land, many use a distributed model (or combination thereof) that knits together plots from several nearby neighbourhoods.  Regardless, each knows her or his own “stompin’ grounds” intimately, including hydrology, soil-typing, dead-recogning nutritional analysis, prevalent weed ecology and all that good stuff that determines what makes a plant grow well as it varies by place within our larger Cascadian region and apart from management practices.

Permaculture enthusiasts might think of these neighbourhoods that the Urban Farmers of SE come home to sleep in (most nights) as a larger sort of home zone.  We should have our little plants and seeds that require attention in these “high traffic) areas, no?

Find it all at home in perpetuity by working with your local farmer

The farms listed here practice a wide variety of approaches to delivering the highest quality produce, grains, herbs, plants, meats, eggs, milk, fiber and flowers to the People of Portland.  Some use CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or subscriptions.  Some use barter and sell to restaurants, home-delivery clients.  Some folks garden for folks directly. Some operate as non-profit entities (on purpose).

It’s hard to do the good work of establishing an agricultural framework in a major North American city.  Thankfully, your can help secure a local foodshed by supporting your neighbourhood (or nearby) Urban Farmer.

Urban Agriculture and Horticulture in SE Portland, by Neighborhood



West Moreland

Coming soon

East Moreland and Reed



Coming soon


coming soon



coming soon


coming soon

The Tabors

coming soon


coming soon

Mt. Scott and Arleta



coming soon


coming soon


You should check these folks out if you’ve got a big, sunny yard you’d like to use, become a member of a CSA or have produce home-delivered.  Follow the links to find out what each farmer in your and nearby neighbourhoods has to offer.

Urban Farm in SE Portland's Reed Neighborhood

Urban Farm in SE Portland

Playing Catch-up Elsewhere in PDX

If you’re outside the paradise that is SE Portland, you may want to check out these folks in other parts of town and the near-town:


Lake Oswego

coming soon

NE Portland

St. John’s

Coming soon

N Portland

Sauvie’s Island

NW Portland


SW Portland

July 2009, Heat-loving Garden in Creston, SE Portland, Oregon, Cascadia

Heat-loving Garden in Creston

If you know someone who should be on the list, please do comment or post the web-mistress w/ a friendly email to let her know you’re out there.

Eat well.

You should check these folks out if you’ve got a big, sunny yard you’d like to use, become a member of a CSA or have produce home-delivered.  Follow the links to find out what each farmer in your and nearby neighbourhoods has to offer.


5 Responses to “Your Neighborhood Farmer”

  1. Monica said

    Hi there. I live in the Creston neighborhood, and I think my housemates and I might be able to be a part of this. We have a huge backyard we’ve been gardening in for a year, along with the help of our free-range fertilizing chickens.

    • Hey Monica,

      Good to hear from you. The chickens do a great job as part of a pasture systems, but are murder on most gardens!

      Creston veggies include:

      • brassica Kale lacinato cross
      • beta Chard Fordhook giant
      • cuke specialty lemon
      • apium parsley sunroot flat-leaf
      • tomato roma purple russian x CM
      • lettuce romaine eiffel tower
      • greens/herbs cilantro sunroot cover mix
      • squash summer striped 8-ball
      • beans/legumes pole snap Violet-pod stringless
      • pepper hot anaheim cross

      Post us back if you’re interested in a large or small seed-kit for 2010.


  2. jn said

    I live around 181st and Division, and have been searching for something like this for a couple years. Seems my neighborhood is always left out of EVERYTHING. Isn’t there anyone out there wanting to do this anywhere near me?

    • As for the Far Out SE:

      Several of the SE Urban Farmers, myself included, are interested in doing projects with staple crops and those that take a lot of space and relatively long stretches where they don’t need any babysitting. I don’t know of anyone personally who is working on smaller plots out there. Pumpkins or artichokes, for instance, are crops that several folks are interested in such plots for.

      I know Sunroot, Calliope’s Table and the Sellwood Garden Club are all looking for such plots.


  3. Mary said

    I live in the Richmond neighborhood and was wondering what seeds would come in my packet. This is such a great idea. I m glad a stumbled upon it.

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