Celtuce going to seed in 2009 by Sellwood Garden Club

Celtuce going to seed in 2009 by Sellwood Garden Club


We’re hoping that some of our SE Portland Urban Farmers will want to teach a few classes that pertain to the seed saving.  When we figure this out, I’ll make a post.

Now, with regards to classes, how about this idea:  instead of charging, we could have people who come bring a dish for communal lunch feast, teacher gets to keep the leftovers.  I dunno — it’s a thought.  Let us know if that sounds like a good idea.  I never have time to cook, myself, and it’s totally mental that I’m not eating more of my own veggies.  Let’s say we have a pick-up the day before of veggies and then attendees bring ‘da food and then there’s a freezer full of left-overs to live on for a few weeks.  Think about it.  This farmer needs to eat better the coming year.

Click here to see updated information on classes we’ll be offering in 2010-coming soon

The September 2009 Seed Bank Benefit Party Farm Spread
September 2009 Inaugural Benefit Party and Farm Spread @ Riverhouse CSA in Sellwood


Sometimes I’ll want to make mention of stuff that folks are doing around town such as canning events, SE Portland neighborhood food swaps and all sorts of good stuff like that.

Sometimes we just like to have a party, make a bunch of food from our gardens, and throw a fundraising kegger.

We’ll totally keep you informed of social gatherings, parties and opportunities to hang with the farmers in their native environments or get together to talk about

Click here for more information about SE Portland Seedbank event information.

Green Bush Bean Seed Saved by Sellwood Garden Club, 2009

Green Bush Bean Seed Saved by Sellwood Garden Club, 2009


Sometimes I’ll want to post information about what’s going on in the local scene that pertians to local foodshed issues and opportunities.

That could be government issues such as “Green Initiatives” from the Mayor’s Office or an announcement of new Urban Farmers coming on the scene – anything an urban farmer might want to know about, pretty much.

News also includes changes and updates to the website, new articles and really good ideas that other folks are implementing.

Just click here to see the News.

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