Order before mid-February to get maximum use from 2010 Seed Kits

The Basic 2010 SE Portland Seedbank Project Perpetual Seed Kit will include 10 packets of edible and useful crops for your kitchen garden, simple instructions on the packet and lots of advice on how growing, seed saving and plant science on this website throughout the year.  They are designed for an average SE garden of roughly 250 square feet (23.2 m²).  For larger gardens of 500sf (46.5 m²) or greater, the Big Garden 2010 Seed Kit includes additional items that still allow seed saving in your own yard.

The experience of SE Urban Farmers has selected these varieties for long-term use as useful, nutritious and delicious food crops that we believe will be essential in the local food supply, no matter what happens.  Regardless, we want your help to breed lines of SE Portland-adapted seed.

Best of all, with a tiny investment and a bit of effort, you can have a lifetime of free, interesting and increasingly-awesome seed delivered to you in the middle of winter.

Ultra-local Ease of Use

Each packet of seed you’ll receive in the 2010 Perpetual Seed Kit has been selected for the soil and microclimate of your SE Portland neighbourhood.  Designed to be genetically isolated to allow for easy seed saving, the combination of seeds you’ll receive in 2010 are largely multi-generation saved seed from a SE Urban Farmer purposeful and quite accidental crosses, pure-lines and everything in-between that are all part of the larger and slightly chaotic SE Seed Bank Breeding Programme.

Most of the seeds saved by 2010 Perpetual Seed Kit participants will be rolled back into more intensively managed breeding programmes in 2011, including Marie’s Cucumber Program and Farmer K’s famous “Trial by Cover” selection method that has proven very successful in producing vigorous specimens that compete well and reseed early.

You’ll be helping keep these crops in our community by planting a garden in your yard or even in pots on your porch.  That is about as Ultra-local as your food can possibly get.  This added value of super-tasty fresh food (that is quite likely to get you to save money by eating wholesome food at home) is compounded and spread throughout the community.  In short, you support a healthy neighbourhood foodshed when you grow a little garden and help us save seed.

Helping Create Your Own Perpetual Seed Supply

All you need to do to keep the SE Portland Seedbank Project going with the use of the 2010 Perpetual Seed Kit is to

  1. Plant ’em according to instructions on packet
  2. Let the two best (biggest and greenest)** plants (or fruits or whatever) from each packet go to seed for the purpouse of saving
  3. Harvest the reproductive structures — we’ll help you figure out what that looks like on the Horticultural Arts page
  4. Clean the seed yourself and save a bit out for your 2011 garden (optional)
  5. Contact your Neighbourhood Urban Farmer to arrange an exchange or bring it by the Hawthorne Urban Farmers’ Market on Sunday afternoons between May and November of 2010.

In return for helping us increase seed, you’ll get new seed with new varieties for free in 2011 in accordance with how many varieties you brought back in 2010.  Buy the 2010 Perpetual Seed Kit, and you’re on your way to a lifetime of free and useful seed — what a freakin’ deal!

An Example of a 2010 Seed Kit for the Brooklyn Neighborhood

  • Lacinato Kale cross
  • Fordhook Giant Chard cross
  • Marketmore Slicing Cucumber cross
  • K’s Flatleaf Parsley selection
  • Yellow Cherry x Tigerella Tomato cross
  • Raymond Red Leaf Lettuce selection
  • Riverhouse Roquet Arugula selection
  • Striped Ball Summer Squash selection
  • Asparagus pea selection
  • Early jalapeno pepper cross

Large gardens in Brooklyn would additionally include:

  • parsnip
  • Yellow Fingerling Potato
  • Pineapple Ground Cherry
  • Pedro’s Cuban Tobacco
  • Red-veined Sorrel
  • Green Celery
  • Poppy

other neighbourhoods will have other combinations of this variety of crops – we’ll tailor one for you!

How to Buy Your 2010 Seed Kit

Just send an email to the SE Portland Seedbank Project directly with your address.  We’ll respond with the Seed Kit designed for your neighbourhood.  If there’s anything on there you simply cannot stand, we’ll substitute in something more suitable*.

We can negotiate a payment via emal, then your neighbourhood farmer will deliver it – easy!  The suggested fee for each Basic 2010 Perpetual Seed Kit is $20. We ask $30 for the many extra items and somewhat larger packet sizes of the Large Garden 2010 Seed Kit. That said, if you don’t have even $20 in your household and want to participate, Nikki’s 100% sliding scale will be employed — make an offer, including barter, and we probably won’t refuse.

This programme could be a model for the world — get in on the ground floor and help keep Portland the greenest city in North America starting right here in Southeast.

*there are some limitations based upon varietal combinations – I promise we’ll get you something good, even if it’s new to you.
**more detailed information on how you can really do some high-quality amateur plant breeding is available on the Horticultural Arts page

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